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This second, the Fuvest also released the list of 141 successful candidates in music (St. Paul campus) and other 126 candidates who passed the test of under armour outlet. They follow in contention for places of courses at the University of São Paulo (35 of 30 music and arts) and will do the first phase of the overall vestibular Fuvest, 30th.

In all, 1,673 candidates have registered for the evidence of the two courses. Candidates eliminated in these tests can run for second career option given at registration. Local proof of the first phase will be announced on the 24th and the General Knowledge exam (first phase) will be on the 30th.

About Fuvest 2015
Fuvest The 2015 college entrance offers a total of t shirt design and 11,057 for USP 120 and the medical school of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa de São Paulo.

The first phase will contain 90 questions and will focus on all the subjects of compulsory secondary education common core: Portuguese, history, geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, english and have some interdisciplinary issues. All questions will test type, with five response options. The duration of the test will be five hours.

Evidence of the second phase occurring on days 4, 5 and 6 January 2015. On the first day, candidates will answer ten questions in Portuguese and do an essay; in the second, the proof will consist of 16 questions on the subjects of compulsory common core of secondary education (history, geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and English).

On the third day, the test will have 12 questions of two or three subjects (six or four of each), according to the chosen career. All evidence will be four hours of duração.O result of the first call will be announced on January 31.

By Elena Gyldenkerne and Inmaculada Sanz

BARCELONA (Reuters) – After two years of legal and political battle over the future of Catalonia, which has entered a new phase after a symbolic referendum on independence, the central government and Spain’s regional authorities of Barcelona prepare to try something new: the dialogue.


New Hire

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In the spaces of the Castle of Man Fredonia will be presented a camp (Swabia-buckwheat), using No. 2 tents (tent and the tent of the Knights of the guard Saracen), complete with furniture and furnishings and racks for weapons – reproductions – a curtain with tables and benches, field kitchens, dishes, and anything else needed for the preparation of meals; a military camp, to be used for demonstration / display / tournament archery, investiture ceremony, exhibitions and duels; a field of arms for rail and inter-style tournament; a camp for the avon anew interstice to try to wear and fight with the tournament rules interstice; a medieval market and a college of arts and crafts, using a didactic exhibition tent with tables full of what you need to the proposition of crafts, with small reproductions of period crafts and fine art, as well as some issues about the uses and customs as the cloth merchant (Imperials), a merchant of clothing (Imperials), a merchant of dry foods and spices (Imperials), blacksmith (friends of the Middle Ages), (Imperials), turner (Imperials), medical avon online (Imperials ), surgeon Salerno (Wandering Wolf), apothecary (Wandering Wolf), tailor imperial (Wandering Wolf), dyer (Wandering Wolf), Garcia (worker) of the Court of Atelier (Imperials), Master arcadia (Imperials), Hunter (the wolf wandering), luthier (Imperials), goldsmith (Imperials), scribe (Imperials), a miniaturist (Imperials).


There will be performances by numerous extras (about No. 80), representatives of civil personages of various social backgrounds and weapons, such as Saracens, Swabia knights, infantry, as well as dancers, etc… the period, which will be challenged: in the sentence defendants to visitors of everyday life and illustration, through training benches, of any object on the craftsmanship activities, as well as reproductions and reconstructions of the faithful, both in Western and Eastern style, the clothes, armaments and equipment of all present; simulations of combat fencing, assaults and fights through group and individual duels, with typical weapons (reproductions) of the thirteenth century .; dynamic actions of archery on foot, with shots of precision and speed; guardrail between two alignments (through the use of commands in the original mediation); in an investiture ceremony at knight (in mediation, with – if any – music over); in oriental dance; theatrical performances; musicians resident and / or traveling; play area for children, with games and investiture ceremony at Knight

Back Torremaggiore Saturday to the Sacco & Vanzetti Day, we speak of South and Peace

Back next August 23 back to Torremaggiore, the Sacco & Vanzetti Day.

Introduction of Panda updates by marketing engine

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I think that you have said what is that you must note that When the inbound marketing future. If you return to the basics of boots for women on sale, planning of content in inbound marketing point of view, or Who is the mid calf boots for women? In order to continue to develop in its or persona is in a stage of any purchase, such as the subject, will be to promote the production is make myself the originality of the content (persona and is the target audience, in the purchasing of the stage of the persona a Customer Journey Nitsuitei Douzo here).


In other words, this update is standing correctly persona’s point of view, will be very welcome update for marketers that make the content of problem-solving. To put it the other way around, you can subjected to conscious SEO measures the only search engine, with respect to SEO measures of analysis biased type (not hear the voice of the persona) is also considered a bad influence of something comes out.

According to Google’s official blog, the purpose of this update is the “poor quality site of the search results lower it over over, there is no value for the user Saito, there is a copy content site, also useless simple site”, and said have been.

At the same time “high-quality Saito, ie research results and, dark contents of the report, a high content of the original property, including such views and analysis, with respect to increasing the search results” It has been explained that.

That site to issue a “good” results can be considered in this update, expand the products and services that have the original properties regardless of the size of the company, leading to solve the problems that product service is persona is the target audience faced you can create content for those content of the information necessary along the Customer Journey of persona, that is, is that it becomes very important to continue to publish in a form that is searched to them the web site with the appropriate frequency (of course other than it “good” factor that issues a result exists).

Of that site to issue a “bad” result Conversely, any page the same meta keywords, sites that set meta description, etc. (in other words, with the pages and content is less relevant as a result of the search party has retrieved sites that. of course, the possibility that Tsurareru seen in the search if it is not set meta is very low), and (it is a matter of course but) also site the content has not been enhanced search results to the influence of something it is likely that you receive.