Introduction of Panda updates by marketing engine

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I think that you have said what is that you must note that When the inbound marketing future. If you return to the basics of boots for women on sale, planning of content in inbound marketing point of view, or Who is the mid calf boots for women? In order to continue to develop in its or persona is in a stage of any purchase, such as the subject, will be to promote the production is make myself the originality of the content (persona and is the target audience, in the purchasing of the stage of the persona a Customer Journey Nitsuitei Douzo here).


In other words, this update is standing correctly persona’s point of view, will be very welcome update for marketers that make the content of problem-solving. To put it the other way around, you can subjected to conscious SEO measures the only search engine, with respect to SEO measures of analysis biased type (not hear the voice of the persona) is also considered a bad influence of something comes out.

According to Google’s official blog, the purpose of this update is the “poor quality site of the search results lower it over over, there is no value for the user Saito, there is a copy content site, also useless simple site”, and said have been.

At the same time “high-quality Saito, ie research results and, dark contents of the report, a high content of the original property, including such views and analysis, with respect to increasing the search results” It has been explained that.

That site to issue a “good” results can be considered in this update, expand the products and services that have the original properties regardless of the size of the company, leading to solve the problems that product service is persona is the target audience faced you can create content for those content of the information necessary along the Customer Journey of persona, that is, is that it becomes very important to continue to publish in a form that is searched to them the web site with the appropriate frequency (of course other than it “good” factor that issues a result exists).

Of that site to issue a “bad” result Conversely, any page the same meta keywords, sites that set meta description, etc. (in other words, with the pages and content is less relevant as a result of the search party has retrieved sites that. of course, the possibility that Tsurareru seen in the search if it is not set meta is very low), and (it is a matter of course but) also site the content has not been enhanced search results to the influence of something it is likely that you receive.